KonTiki2 – Easter Island – Peru

A new childhood is about to be realized. Six years old, I watch the documentary about the Konti-Tiki expedition with my father. Thor Heyerdahl has been an inspiration to all our educational projects. Now more than 50 years later I will be on the raft sailing from Easter Island and back to Peru. You can follow us on www.kontiki2.com

Kon-Tiki2 got its name because we seek to double-down on Thor Heyerdahl’s famous voyage by sailing two rafts from South America to Polynesia and then back! No one has done this in modern times, and we will prove that it can be done. It’s an unparalleled voyage of survival, science and exploration.



BAE Access Water Ganges- Educational Expedition

Slideshare of the project here.
More information on www.yourexpedition.com

Please help us reach millions of students with water curriculum, help us travel along the Ganges river for two months, and help fund the documentary which will continue to tell the story and reach even more people.
We welcome your help – Thank you!

The link is: https://www.fiveinstitute.com/content/access-water/

Skjermbilde 2015-09-01 kl. 15.24.52 From Hope to Action Poster



Man made Intellect Means Boost Firm Forecasts

Man made Intellect Means Boost Firm Forecasts

Industry forecasting will be an assessment or expectations of possible improvements around, one example is, profits and expenses. Due to the large swings in economic activity and therefore the significant influences these variances is capable of having on complete earning potential, it is not necessarily astonishing that operation forecasting has increased being a standout amongst the most very important sections of commercial planning. Read the full post »

Lashanda Daniels’s Fantastic Composition to the Abandoned Was No Instructional Exercise?She’d Been There

While it found writing an essay around the homeless to get a Ma- seventh-grader, large contest Lashanda Daniels knew what she was speaking about. Unlike the youngsters that are other, she did not need-to go-to the library and read a number of announcement videos to create her awardwinning article. Residing in a city housing together with her mom and four siblings for five months was research enough. Read the full post »

Lashanda Daniels’s Fantastic Article on the Destitute Was No Instructional Exercise?She’d Been There

When it found composing an essay to the desolate to get a Ma- large tournament, seventh grader Lashanda Daniels believed what she was discussing.craigslist roanoke free Unlike another youngsters, she didn’t must go-to the catalogue and study a lot of announcement videos to create her award winning composition. Living in four friends for five weeks and a shelter together with her mum was investigation enough. The truth is, it was more than that; Lashanda, 13, who currently lives within the comparative splendor of a state-sponsored, four-room house in Roxbury, has been indelibly marked from the knowledge. Read the full post »

“Vill og vakker” i Sunndal

Kulturkonferansen “Vill og vakker” går av stabelen i
Sunndal 21. april, 2015.
Info her: Skjermbilde 2015-04-09 kl. 16.18.35http://www.sunndal.com/nyheter/hva-skjer/kulturkonferansen-i-sunndal-2015.html