Ann & Liv in Lisbon

Ann and Liv will together host the keynote at the Partners in Learning forum in Lisbon March 21st. Program here. water slides

Training in the mountains

The team for Ann and Liv’s new project, Access Water, are currently visiting Norway for the purpose of training to Antarctic in November. You can follow our training trip through Facebook:

ITALY: Celebrating Nansen and Amundsen in Milan and Genoa

  uk bounce house princess TV INTERVIEW GENOA NANSEN AMUNDSEN YEAR 2011

South Pole Exploration Exhibit

October 18th, I had the pleasure of joining Ann Bancroft and Will Steger at the opening of a new polar exploration exhibit at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.chong qi zhang peng King Harald and Queen Sonja stopped by… More to read here.  

Årets Fjellgeit 2011

Norsk Fjellfestival og Den Norske Turistforening deler hvert år ut en pris som heter “Årets Fjellgeit”. I år går prisen til Liv! Liv blir Årets Fjellgeit ikke bare i kraft av hva hun har prestert, men like mye på bakgrunn av den måten hun har formidlet sine opplevelser. Bedre enn noen har hun brukt erfaringene fra […]

WINGS over the Poles, New York

As luminaries of the WINGS Polar, Ann Bancroft and myself have been invited to share our experiences in the Antarctic in a special presentation at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The event is part of an ongoing exhibition chronicling the 1911 – 1912 quest for the South Pole. The exhibition is […]