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Bancroft Arnesen Explore – Access Water Mississippi 2017

          Presentation of the project here: BancroftArnesenExplore| Access Water_ENTICE 5.1.17

Kurs: SANS & SAMLING 18.-20.august, 2017

Bancroft Arnesen Explore in China December 2016

To involve Chinese Youth in the Access Water Educational Expeditions, five members of the Bancroft Arnesen team lectured and rafted in China December 2016. Check Yourexpedition on Facebook.  

KonTiki2 – Easter Island – Peru

A new childhood is about to be realized. Six years old, I watch the documentary about the Konti-Tiki expedition with my father. Thor Heyerdahl has been an inspiration to all our educational projects. Now more than 50 years later I will be on the raft sailing from Easter Island and back to Peru. You can […]

BAE Access Water Ganges- Educational Expedition

OKTOBER – NOVEMBER 2015. Slideshare of the project here. More information on Please help us reach millions of students with water curriculum, help us travel along the Ganges river for two months, and help fund the documentary which will continue to tell the story and reach even more people. We welcome your help – […]

“Vill og vakker” i Sunndal

Kulturkonferansen “Vill og vakker” går av stabelen i Sunndal 21. april, 2015. Info her: