Liv Arnesen – first woman solo and unsupported to the South Pole

“Most goals can be achieved as long as the motivation is real and sincere enough”

– Liv Arnesen at the South Pole, Christmas Eve 1994

  • Liv is using expeditions as a methafor.
  • Tailor made lectures and work shops in self management and team work for companies, oganizations and schools.

Everything that happens before, under and after an expedition happens in all organizations.

From the smallest organization like a friendship or a marriage, a family, a school class or to a the biggest cooperation with thousands of employees.

Is you goal to become a good leader, team player, partner or friend? The key is to know yourself. There is of course no need to ski solo to the South Pole to getting to know yourself, but good questions asked and time to think is a good start.

List of lectures:

Self Management
Solo to the South Pole
Other topics