The Board

The Liv Arnesen Foundation is a Norwegian registered, non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors

Terje Osmundsen – Chairman of the Board

Terje Osmundsen joined the young company Scatec Solar ( in January 2009. Since January 2010, he is Senior Vice President, responsible for France and other strategic markets. Terje (1957) has a background as an “intellectual entrepreneur” with leadership experience from government, business and public organisations. Until January 2009 he was the founder/CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the independent think-tank and highly quoted weekly Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning) ( From 2007 to 2008, he was also head of a major business business initiative – KlimaGevinst(“Climate Benefit”) – a partnership of 14 leading companies promoting the low-carbon solutions ( With educational background in economics, law and political science (Ph.D), Terje started his public career in political organisations. From 1981 to 85, Terje served as the Chief Political Advisor to Prime Minister Kåre Willoch. In 1986-87, he founded and led the widely quoted national future study called “Scenarios 2000” at the Norwegian School of Management. In the period 1988 – 98, he held leading management roles in Saga Petroleum, Alcatel HQ in Paris, Confederation of Business and Industry and the engineering and technology group Kvaerner. In 1999, Terje founded Preview, a consultancy company focusing on scenario-based strategy development. Terje has written several books, and has been on the board of companies and non-profit organisations. From 1994-97 he served as representative to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, as well as Chairman of the Board, Cicero Center for International Climate Research. Terje is known as an inspirational and challenging speaker and moderator. He speaks english and french fluently, as well as basic german.

Arne Krokan – Vice Chairman of the Board

Arne - Member of the BoardArne Krokan has a PhD in Sociology and Communication, and is working at the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU) as a Dr. polit. Professor in Technology, communication, organization and management.

Arne’s research evolves around technological change and organizational/societal development, digital economy, eCommerce and transformation of business models. Arne has previously worked at the Norwegian School of Library and Information Sciences, The Norwegian School of Marketing, and the Norwegian School of Management. Arne also host a wide range of seminars for government and private institutions, particularly focusing on change processes and the development of digital services. His audience ranges from governmental institutions to some of the largest industry participators in Norway, such as Statoil, Telenor, NetCom, TV2 and the The Export Council. Arne recently published the book “The Digital Economy”.

Arne lives in Nittedal, Norway.

Elizabeth Hartmann – Member of the Board

Ms. Elizabeth Hartmann (born 1957) is Managing Director and partner at Siste Skrik, an advertising agency which specializes in creative commercial communication. She has an MBA from BI – Norwegian School of Management and more than 30 years of experience from different positions and companies in public relations and advertising. She has been a chairman in different marketing organisations, such as The Marketing Association of Oslo, Creative Forum and Norwegian Association of Advertising Agencies.

Felix Osok – Member of the Board

Felix Osok - Member of the Board

Felix Omondi Osok is the founder and director of Utdanningshjelpen(Education Help Foundation)(, an organization that supports needy students with educational scholarships/stipends in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Palestine. Felix(1982) ails from Maseno, a town in the western part of Kenya where he grew up as an orphan living with his marternal grandparents. Despite the tuff start in life as an orphan, he excelled in academics and joined Moi University in Kenya for his undergraduate studies in government and public administration in 2002 before moving to Norway on an exchange programme in 2003. Felix holds a degree in social sciences and a master degree in political science and economics from the University of Oslo. Felix has a wide range of organizational experience as a student activist and an active member and founder of several civil society organizations. He was a student representative in the student parliament at the University of Moi(Kenya) and the university of Oslo, from 2004-2008.During the same period, he was also the elected student representative at UIO in the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education( and the International Summer School at the same university (

Felix posses a wide knowledge and experience in issues of diversity and integration. He has worked as a mentor and advisor at the University of Oslo’s section for diversity in focus in academia (MiFa) ( as from 2005-2007. Felix also worked as a chief editor and editor of the diversity monthly magazines Samora and Kush 2007-2008 and as a tuitor in Norwegian folk highschools and an inspirational speaker. Felix currently works as a senior executive officer at the Norwegian directorate of Immigration(UDI) and as a consultant at Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

Advisory Board

Tom Vraalsen – Advisor

Tom - Member of the BoardTom graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Århus, Denmark in 1960, and has since been a member of the Norwegian Foreign Services.

Since 2004, Tom has served as an advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2005-2007, he was the Special Envoy and Chairman of the Assessment and Evaluation Commission in Sudan. Since the 1970s, Tom has been an international Ambassador of Norway to a range of nations, including United States, the U.K., Finland and the United Nations. Tom has also served in various Ministerial and representative positions in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most recently, Tom has been the Chairman of the Holocaust Task Force (ITF).

Nalan Koc – Advisor

Nalan - Member of BoardNalan Koc has a PhD in Marine Geology and is a senior research scientist at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Bodø and the leader of the Polar Climate Programme.

Nalan is interested in quantifying natural climate variability and understanding interhemispheric coupling, understanding ocean-land-atmostphere interactions and the development of Tertiary diatom biostratigraphy and paleoceanography of the high-latitude North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

In 1995, Nalan received the Hans & Helga Reusch Prize for Research. She has developed transfer functions for quantitative estimates of past sea surface temperatures using marine diatoms for the Nordic Seas and the North Atlantic. Ms Koc’s research activities have focused on reconstructing past surface ocean variability through sea surface temperature (SST) and sea ice cover reconstructions during the last interglacial-glacial cycle, the last deglaciation, the Holocene and Recent Past. She works both in the high-latitude North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.

Nalan has participated in several ODP and IODP cruises (Legs 151, 152, 162, 302) both as onboard and onshore scientist as a diatom biostratigrapher. Nalan Koc currently lives in Bodø, Norway.