Livet – en ekspedisjon

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Link to an article I wrote

(in Norwegian):

“Our Life – an Expedition.”



Thor Heyerdahl 1914-2014

Thor Heyerdahl lecture at Glasgow Caledonia University January 28

Liv 6 yrs. and her Kon-Tiki fleet

I will as a board member of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute  lecture about Thor Heyerdahl as an inspirator and environmentalist. I have been following his expeditions and his work since I was six years old and watched the documentary about the Kon-Tiki expedition. Left a picture of me and my homemade Kon-TikiGonflable Rockwall. Information about the lecture here: Glasgow Caledonia  University in Scotland.

Valencia and Madrid

image003In 2014 it will be 20 years since my Solo expedition to the South Pole. I reached the South Pole Christmas Eve. My best Christmas present ever! Now my book about the expedition “Good Girld do not Ski to the South Pole” will be published in Spanish and launched in Valencia and Madrid November 27 – 29, 2013.

Invitation here.

An article in Spanish here LIV ARNESEN-1.

And a blog from a teacher in Valencia Marìa Jesús Nicolau .


Foredrag etter årsmøtet i Bergen Turlag onsdag 10. april kl. 21.00 på Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Ole Bullsplass 4, Bergen. Mer info her.


EARCOS conference in SHANGHAI

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I am honored tobuy zorb ball australia be invited as a key note speaker at the  11th annual EARCOS Teachers’ Conference in Concordia International School Shanghai scheduled forwater slides for sale March 27 – 31. More info here.

I have a lecure at TEDxTRONDHEIM November 1st

TEDxTrondheim: What does it mean to be an outlier, to stand out, and to deviate from the norm? In many ways, Norway is an outlier relative to the rest of the world, so we’ll look at different aspects that make this country unique. In contrast, individuals within Norwegian society are generally not encouraged to stand out, so we’ll also look at how individuals can break the mold. We’ll hear ideas from a diverse array of speakers including an unconventional educator, fearless comedian, humanitarian doctor, polar explorer, cross-cultural expert and much more.

This is not your average conference. You’ll be exposed to many different ideas, stories, and perspectives that will expand your sense of curiousity. Join us for the very first TEDx conference in Trondheim on Nov. 1st, where an amazing group of speakers and attendees will connect through a shared passion for big ideas.

10:00-17:00, November 1st
Storsalen, Studentersamfundet